so trump is coming to denmark

freaking sigh

update: jesus christ the idiot is trying to buy greenland. im not even surprised

Update again: he has now cancelled his trip because we wouldn’t sell Greenland. So, in summary.

The idiot asks to come here – the Queen invites him.

It’s revealed he wants to buy Greenland – that stupid and very offensive idea pisses off both Greenland and Denmark ‘cause what the actual fuck.

Trump gets pissy that we won’t sell and now cancels his trip after we’ve spent weeks planning it – and in doing so he has now pissed off the Royal House because you do not freaking cancel an invite from the Queen. That’s never happened before. It’s so rude. What the fuck.

Wow. I knew Trump coming here would be a shitshow, but somehow it turned out to be a greater shitshow without him coming here. But mister president, we’d planned for you. We had a balloon and everything…

Aaaaand there’s an update.

Trump is now lashing out on our Prime Minister, saying it’s all her fault because she was being inappropriate and nasty be saying that selling Greenland is an absurd idea.

Dude, selling Greenland is the definition of absurd. First of all, you don’t freaking sell countries. Second, Greenland has self-government. It’s not like we could sell the place if we wanted to, which we definitely won’t.

Trump wanted Greenland, our Prime Minister, a lady, told him no without hesitating. Now he’s throwing a fit, acting like a baby, and the Danish politicians are not having it. Trump has pissed of the Royal House, Denmark and Greenland. Wow. Slow clap. Nice job. As if we didn’t hate you enough before.

Fun fact though: the baby Trump balloon is still coming to Denmark so now people are planning to welcome it instead of the real deal (the balloon is an improvement)

Here’s the whole stupid saga of events

jtmportland: As I finish my second coffee of t…


As I finish my second coffee of the morning in the beautiful Alvord Desert, I thought I’d write a few words about a white nationalist rally in Portland, Oregon on Saturday. You may have heard or read about it. This wasn’t why I left town … I love a good rally. I just needed to get back to nature. (though a city boy at heart, I do need my space).

From his golf course in New Jersey, Trump tweeted:

“Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an ‘ORGANIZATION OF TERROR, Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!”

Of course he did not address members of the alt-right white nationalists who organised this event. Because he knows they are his people.

Of Trump’s tweet, Portland’s Mayor said, “Frankly, it is not helpful.” Which is perhaps the understatement of the weekend. 

I’m pleased to report that the rally was a complete rout. 

The largely non-Portland crowd was mostly abandoned by its leadership the night before. People arrived with no places to sleep and calls to mobile phones went unreturned. Saturday morning found hate group members without places to eat or access to restrooms. An increasing number of businesses (as the one above) were denying service.

The promised five hour hate rally lasted about 45 minutes; participants were forced to rally underneath a bridge and then had to beg police to escort them out (a rather long walk) over yet another bridge. Rally leaders then quickly took to their cars to allegedly attend a BBQ that just happened to not be in Portland.

Other remnants of the rally were forced to walk around downtown Portand for nearly two hours as they searched for their cars. Tired and thirsty, people started to drift away in droves, leaving a dejected looking leader of one of the alt-right organisations with an increasingly smaller and smaller crowd around him. Not getting the physical confrontation he sought and contemplating his growing civil and criminal legal woes, he was uncharacteristically subdued.  

Monday morning analysis? 

The social pressure and evolving diverse and incredibly fun tactics of Portland’s PopMob; the seriousness of the Portland Police; and the number of city, civic and business leaders mobilized on Saturday, seems to have taken serious steam out of the white nationalist/alt right protest.  

It’s clear from the speeches and comments that white nationalist/alt-right leaders are wary of the increasing civil suits led by the Oregon Justice Resource Center and criminal liabilities they are facing from disrupting communities.

From the streets to City Hall, community and leadership made this happen. Great work.

Anyway, I’m starting my 8 hour drive back to Portland and looking forward to getting home.







#TrumpTrain is express to Shitsville.

Casinos. University. Foundation. Airline. Vodka. They all end in massive failure/fraud/disgrace.