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Jean Cramer, a candidate for City Council in Marysville, Michigan, can’t understand why people are upset about her racist comment in which she said she wanted to: “Keep Marysville a white community as much as possible.” Of course later she denied being racist.

Oh and she quotes the bible to support her racist position.




Nazi rally, Newnan, Georgia, April 21, 2018

Nazis hold a rally in Newnan, Georgia, a small town near Atlanta, on April 21, 2018

The administration announced late last night that Trump will immediately halt cost-sharing reductions. These $7 billion in annual subsidies to health insurers allow around 7-8 million low-income Americans to afford coverage.

Because Congress could not pass ACA repeal through traditional means, Trump is determined to dismantle it by executive order. Because Trump had been hinting at doing this for months, insurers have already started raising premiums, especially for people with pre-existing conditions, so it not only affects the poor, but the elderly and disabled as well.

Republicans will have a well-rehearsed narrative about how this will actually help people. Please do not believe it. This will not help people. This will help insurance companies and whomever he decides to give that seven billion dollar cost savings to which undoubtedly will be the top rich 2% in the form of tax breaks and the elimination of the estate tax.

Author/Journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates’ response when Stephen Colbert asked him if he had hope for America.

AG Jeff Sessions’ face when he is taking away people’s rights. The Justice Dept. wants to allow employers to have the right to fire people based on their sexual orientation.