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#Hillary gives no f*cks

Guns Owned By Neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Group Leader Confiscated Under ‘Red Flag’ Law:


SEATTLE—A notorious neo-Nazi whose antics have included organizing paramilitary exercises in the woods of western Washington state to prepare for a “race war” has discovered there are limits to organizing violent extremism: Using a so-called “red flag” law, Seattle Police have taken away all of his guns.

Kaleb J. Cole, the 24-year-old leader of the state’s chapter of the violent fascist group Atomwaffen Division (AWD), was ordered by the state’s civil courts to surrender his guns earlier this month, according to a report from Ali Winston of the Daily Beast. The order resulted from Seattle City Police filing an “Extreme Risk Protection” petition against Cole on the basis of his violent rhetoric and organizing.

Cole first came to national attention last year as one of the ringleaders of the neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division, exposed in a deep Pro Publica profile of the organization already associated with several murders. A video portrayed him leading a shooting exercise in the woods near the town of Concrete, in the western Cascades Range. He is formerly from the border town of Blaine in Whatcom County, but reportedly moved to Snohomish County near Arlington after the profile was published.

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Trump is no alpha. He is no genius. He is not a lady’s man.

He is the towel boy, a cuck, to the world’s despots, sleeping alone, loveless, and without a hint of intimacy. He oozes such fake charm, it could come in a can and be spread on a cracker.

Trump is a silver-spooned draft dodger who has not had a single successful idea other than what his father gave him.

Those who see him as successful are sad people who hope vindictiveness-by-proxy will give meaning to their resentment-filled lives.


“Democracy thrives best in a society whose water is drinkable, whose schools impart a decent education, whose denizens have adequate incomes and hope for the future.”

— | Rebecca Solnit, Tyranny of the Minority (via stoweboyd)