There are a lot of times I feel like just…flipping the vegan script.

It’s not ‘polyester’ it’s plastic

It’s not ‘vegan leather’ it’s plastic

Its not ‘faux fur’ it’s plastic

Plastic is a pollutant and causes far more damage to the environment both now and in the future than leather or wool.

Please stop telling me that the Plastic Lyfe is the only life, it is not. My leather shoes will last a decade where pleather is lucky to last 12 months. Leather (and wool) decompose and are renewable. Plastic is neither of those.


A single wash cycle of plastic-based fiber (polyester, poly fleece, faux fur) may release 700,000 pieces of microplastic into our waters. Nasty stuff.

aw dangit

Wool is the most environmentally friendly fabric despite being an animal product.

Using wool isnt even harming sheep 

Sheep need to be sheered or else it will cause serious problems. It’s a mutual relationship, we help sheep get rid of the pesky wool and it gives us a very useful material.

This has been a Burning Hot Take™

Also chickens will lay eggs no matter what!! That’s literally what chickens do!!! You are not eating “chick embryos”!!! If you’re worried about supporting the corporate mass farming industry, buy from a local free-range chicken owner! Almost anywhere has farmer’s markets!

This is the part where we talk about how the demand for agave nectar as an alternative to honey is destroying the habitat of the endangered long-nosed bat, which lives on agave.

Bees literally make an excess of honey, too much for them to handle. Beekeepers are helping them by taking honey. BEE MOVIE WAS LITERALLY ABOUT THIS HOLY SHIT