“Democrats and Republican primary challengers hardly need to make the case that Trump is racist, dishonest and unethical. A large percentage of the electorate already buys that. The presidential contenders can let the House investigators show that he is corrupt, abused power and obstructed justice; they can let prosecutors make the case that Trump’s also a law-breaker. Trump’s 2020 opponents have a more devastating critique: He’s a loser, temperamentally and intellectually unfit from the start and incapable of learning on the job. It’s a powerful political argument against someone who depends on the image of toughness, and it has the benefit of being true.”

Trump supporters should be tired of all this losing (via wilwheaton)

Trump is pathetic.

That line should be repeated over and over again until the word *pathetic* is the first word that comes to mind when someone says “Trump”.

Trump is pathetic.