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Does op have a brain? Also, do they understand anything about Jackson Pollock?


abstraction for the sake of abstraction misses the entire fundamental purpose of art which is that it Says Something even if you don’t mean it to Say Something and all pollocks art says is “i have managed to remove all aspects of personality and substance from the process of painting” and 8000 male critics were like OAHAGAGHSB nuts everywhere. anyway purely technique-focused art is fucking boring and anyone in the world could shit out the same thing if they tried for a few hours as opposed to actual good art; when it comes to good abstract art then sure maybe you could replicate the technique easily but the feeling and the message behind it are impossible to duplicate and that’s what makes it interesting and worthwhile.

anyway stan louise nevelson

Adding on to this the only reason pollocks paintings were ever accepted in the art world was because America was trying to propagandize American individualism by pushing the ‘We cherish our avant-garde tortured arteests unlike the FILTHY COMMIES”  as if the man’s shit doesn’t look like every painter’s drop cloth. This is also the time where they pushed a lot of graphic type stuff like warhol and basically the entire 60s was the american art worlds “look at me im not like those other white guys” phase

Also pollocks art is so technically trash that it’s literally degrading at a rate that cannot be preserved so it effectively is falling off the canvas lol. 

Reminder that the CIA straight-up confirmed they used Pollock and his contemporaries as a cold war propaganda weapon and the rich art patrons of the day were directly involved in this since their buying power directly influenced what art was considered of value