Chinese Officials Laugh At Trump’s Inability T…

Chinese Officials Laugh At Trump’s Inability To Understand Trade Discussions:


Robert Lighthizer has had a long and distinguished career as a rock-ribbed Republican in Washington DC. It’s pretty clear that he prides himself on being very good at his job as the US Trade Representative.

But like everything else that touches Donald Trump’s presidency, he finds himself literally being laughed at by those he needs to respect him to negotiate America’s interests.

In a White House meeting with Chinese officials before sitting down to serious trade negotiations, Trump–unburdened by any intelligence or sense of strategic communication–started riffing for the cameras, questioning the effectiveness of Memorandums of Understanding (or MOUs)–a standard in multinational trade negotiations– in general.

Lighthizer got more and more visibly aggravated as Trump’s Adderall-addled brain showed how little grasp he has of trade issues and what a delicate balance it can be with foreign entities in the room.

“I don’t like MOUs because they don’t mean anything. To me they don’t mean anything. I think you’re better off just going into a document. I was never a fan of an MOU,” the reality show grifter babbled.

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