Trump threatens years-long shutdown, national …

Trump threatens years-long shutdown, national emergency if he doesn’t get wall funding:






President Donald Trump once again
unleashed what’s become his presidential hallmark: a bizarre, winding,
threatening press conference, this time following his White House
meeting with Democratic leaders Friday to try to break the impasse
causing the government shutdown.

In a long, meandering briefing
in the Rose Garden, Trump told reporters the partial shutdown now
heading into its third week could go on for months, even years, if
Democrats don’t give him the $5.6 billion he’s demanding to build a
U.S.-Mexico border wall. The Democrats have steadfastly refused. The
shutdown has affected some 800,000 federal workers — 420,000 of them forced to work without pay — since Dec. 22.

“This is national security we’re talking about,” Trump said. “We’re not talking about games.“

When asked if there was any “safety net” for workers going without pay as the shutdown continues, Trump responded: “The safety net is going to be having a strong border.”

also floated another way he could get his wall: declaring a state of
national emergency over border security to build it without
congressional approval.

“I could do it if I wanted,” Trump said.

If y’all are curious as to why I get so militant about the politics well it may or may not have something to do with the fact that the president of America is a wild man who believes things he himself made up and who talks about dissolving his own government and installing himself as a dictator as if it ain’t no big deal.

“I could do it if I wanted” indeed.  Those words probably gonna haunt my dreams tonight ngl

The safety net for furloughed employees is a strong border? Is Mexico going to pay their wages like they’re going to pay for the wall?

Those employees include hospital staff, emergency services, and other staff of critical support structures. This is going to kill people, if it hasn’t already.

Impeach the bastard.