Ballots may have been stolen or destroyed in d…

Ballots may have been stolen or destroyed in disputed N.C. House race:




North Carolina’s scandal-plagued 9th congressional district seat is expected to remain empty when the new Congress is sworn in next week after a state investigation turned up more evidence of electoral fraud in the race.

North Carolina’s bipartisan elections board refused to certify the race, in which Republican Mark Harris led Democrat Dan McCready by about 900 votes, after evidence emerged that an operative hired by the Harris campaign collected, tampered with or even destroyed ballots in rural parts of the district.

A new election is an inadequate remedy. Cheaters should get kicked out, with the ban followed by criminal charges as needed.

This is so even though criminality obviously does not faze Republicon voters. It isn’t just trump. It’s the caliber of people voting.

On the other side of the country, Republicons in California managed to re-elect Duncan Hunter even while he faces 50-plus indictments. And various methods of cheating elections have become Republicon standards nationwide.

We’ve been watching this race, and there’s a small but distinct chance *Harris* didn’t do it, his guys did. Plausible deniability? Possibly. But the investigation is ongoing, and the only thing they can do right now is refuse to certify results.