David Jolly Spells It Out: It’s A Presidency R…

David Jolly Spells It Out: It’s A Presidency Ruled By Talk Show Hosts:


This morning, AM Joy discusses the government shutdown, which is about what you’d expect if you put your cognitively-impaired, Fox News-loving grandpa in charge of the world.

“I want to go to David Jolly. i’ll go to you first. So Donald Trump, in principle, agreed to sign off on what the senate passed, which was a clean continuing resolution to fund the government. And then suddenly, he changes his mind, and what happened in between him supposedly agreeing to sign off and changing his mind, throwing everything into chaos is the following. Here are right wing media responding to the fact Donald Trump was going to sign a funding bill for the government without funding for the wall. Take a listen.”

She then played clips from noted policy experts Laura Ingraham, Matt Schlapp, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter, berating him for not getting more money for the wall and “letting the Democrats win.”

“David Jolly, can you explain why, the members of the House of Representatives, there’s just an election, at worst, two years to go if they’re still in office, right, before they have to face voters again and in some of them, already leaving. why don’t they just pass the Senate bill that was already agreed to before, ignore the talk radio people?” Joy Reid asked.

“They’re the ones supposed to be in charge, not talk-radio people. They’re supposed to pass the Senate bill and keep the government open. Why don’t they do that?”

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