After Mike Pence Denies Documents Were Taken F…

After Mike Pence Denies Documents Were Taken From Trump’s Desk, Chris Wallace Supplies The Proof:



Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace cornered Vice President Mike Pence with the actual document that Bob Woodward supplied after the vice president denied anyone would take documents off of Trump’s desk.

Pence, in his own smarmy fashion, tried to downplay, obfuscate and rewrite many of Trump’s tweets and behaviors after Woodward’s book and an anonymous op-ed came out this week that characterizes his administration as one being manipulated by staffers trying to protect a dangerously inept and ignorant executive.

Host Chris Wallace did not give Pence a puff interview and set him up with actual proof that verifies some of these new claims against Trump’s erratic behavior.

After failing to address how an opinion op-ed in the New York Times constitutes a breach of national security that should be investigated by the Justice Department, Wallace came in for the goods, as Captain Mal Reynolds would say.

Wallace began by addressing the major concerns within Trump’s administration because they are admitting to be acting like guardrails against some of his “more impulsive actions.”

Wallace said, “Case in point, first story in his book, September of 2017, Gary Cohn, the Chief Economic Advisor, walks into the Oval office and sees a letter on the president’s desk that would blow up the South Korean free-trade deal and jeopardize one of our most important alliances and he takes it away so the president won’t sign it. Do you have any doubt that happened?

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Mike Pence, pillar of Christianity, lies constantly and blatantly. “Thou shalt not bear false witness”.