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Trump Freaks Out As He Realizes Mueller Is Ten Steps Ahead Of Him

Unfortunately the masses still aren’t fully supporting Mueller

For those who don’t want to watch the video, here’s the best part:  

“Some people want to end this investigation because no evidence has been brought forth so therefore it’s a total witch hunt, as Trump likes to say….but that’s not how investigations work.  Take for example earlier this week when we learned [several companies] paid millions of dollars to Trump’s lawyer thru shell companies in order to gain access to the president.  We learned about that stuff on Tuesday evening, May 2018.  Do you know when Robert Mueller learned about that? At least as early as November 2017  Had Stormy Daniels’ lawyer not released this information, we wouldn’t know about it in any way…Robert Mueller and  his team are ten steps ahead of the president right now.” 

Favorite line: “There’s no positive outcome for donald trump on this any more.”