Elisabeth Moss on The Handmaid’s Tale: ‘This i…

Elisabeth Moss on The Handmaid’s Tale: ‘This is happening in real life. Wake up people’:


The parallels between the current rapid militarisation of the US and Gilead are undeniable.

“In the book, Margaret calls it the new normal,” Moss continues. “It’s a line that Aunt Lydia says – this will all be normal to you one day. That’s scary to me.” She has no tolerance, however, for people who find the show itself frightening. “I hate hearing that someone couldn’t watch it because it was too scary,” she says. “Not because I care about whether or not they watch my TV show; I don’t give a shit. But I’m like, ‘Really? You don’t have the balls to watch a TV show? This is happening in your real life. Wake up, people. Wake up.’”