“On a policy level, the Trump-era GOP is pushi…

“On a policy level, the Trump-era GOP is pushing unpopular policies on all fronts, from the looming deportation of DREAMers to health care executive actions that are driving up premiums to a rollback net neutrality to the dismantling of consumer financial protection rules. These are enormously harmful to the short-term interests of millions of people and to the long-term interests of nearly the entire country.

At the same time, Trump continues to act like a maniac — just this week, he fired the secretary of state over Twitter, deployed inappropriate political rhetoric at an official speech to active-duty Marines, and denied Russian culpability for assassinations carried out on British soil — and it’s only Wednesday.“

📝 excerpt from vox.com article by Matthew Yglesias, titled, “Republicans are reaping the whirlwind,” March 14, 2018