GOP Lawmaker Breaks Ranks On Russia Report: ‘W…

GOP Lawmaker Breaks Ranks On Russia Report: ‘We’ve Lost All Credibility’:


Half-assed “break”… 

Rooney says the Russian interference was to create “chaos”, not help elect Donald Trump. (Job well done.) However, instead of vilifying his fellow GOP representatives on the inaccuracy of their report, he just wants to shut down the investigation. Consensus hasn’t been found among Republicans and Democrats as to what happened and why, and it’s just too much of a farce now.

“We’ve gone completely off the rails, and now we’re just basically a political forum for people to leak information to drive the day’s news,” Rooney said. “We’ve lost all credibility, and we’re going to issue probably two different reports, unfortunately.”

Yes, Rooney. You HAVE lost all credibility. Each and every Republican who goes along with these obvious cover-up reports and attempts to thwart the Mueller investigation and subvert the open inquiry that ALL ELECTED MEMBERS OF CONGRESS SHOULD BE STRIVING TO ACHIEVE. Your job is not to protect your Party’s President – your job is to SERVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. You are all failing HORRIBLY at your jobs.