How To Feed Yourself When You’re Depressed

How To Feed Yourself When You’re Depressed:


“Regardless of your mental health status, consider this: no diet can fix broken neurotransmitters, and this is not the place to insist otherwise. The United States government doesn’t see healthcare as an inalienable human right, so it’s understandable that Americans assign health-giving properties to food that border on the mystical—but the cruel reality is that the foods considered most “healthy” and “sustainable” (terms that are code for “morally correct”) are only accessible to the people most likely to already have healthcare. Going vegan or paleo or doing a Whole30 is about as likely as “positive energy” to cure mental illness—which is to say, not at all—and criticizing other people’s food choices in the guise of concern for their health is a big-time dick move. Be kind; most of us are just trying to make it through another day.“